These are links to some of my favorite songs, writings, and websites.

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  1. Mwengengwa Kalegele says:

    Regards.You have a very interesting LInks,I like thme All But mostly the one with National Antherm in it.
    However I am A Tanzanian Residing in Tanzania And currently got an admission in one of the university in Nertherland.So here I am looking for schoolarship and during my such I came across Rotary Ambassadorial Club and I happen to know that it Provide schoolarship through local Club.
    I need your assistant in this as I have no idea of where to find even a single club here in Daresalaam

    1. Rebecca Corey says:

      Hi there, I have sent an email to you regarding your question! Please reply, and send your information to Surinder Bandhari, whom I copied in the email.

  2. Eva says:

    I’m Eva from China,a college student.This holiday,I’m a volunteer here in a children centre in Dar es sallam.I’ve heard of your story by chance and I am very interested in what you are doing about music in Tanzania,since I am also a music lover…I hope I can visit you one day maybe before I leave.Here is my number in Tanzania:+255753183369.And my another
    looking forward to your contacts.

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