How We Say Your Name

tamir rice.jpg

Tamir Rice.


Tamir Rice

threw a snowball up —

watched it fall.

Tamir Rice,

black child, surrounded

by white snow.

‘What is that in your hand?’

no one asked.

He got three seconds:

the first, his trial –

the second, deliberation –

the third, a verdict.




Tamir Rice

dead, and violated again


justice buried

next to him.

In-human error,

systemic terror

of the white supremacist complex.

No charges,

no changes,

just stay calm

don’t burn it all down

because now the burden

of respectability is on you

to prove he didn’t deserve it.

Meanwhile, listen –

can’t you hear it?

That deafening white noise,

the silence of consent.

Tamir. Rise

up —

this resurrected fight

is how we say

your name.



One Comment Add yours

  1. saratbaker says:

    Beautiful true tragic. Almost impossible to put words to, but you did. When will the slaughter of the innocents end?

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