Hello, friends! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating the blog lately. I just returned from San Francisco where I trained to become a Kiva Fellow!

While I’m in the field–working with one of Kiva’s field partner microfinance institutions (MFIs) called Tujijenge Tanzania, Ltd.–I will be updating this blog and also contributing to the Kiva Fellows Blog. You can read it here. It is written by all of the Kiva Fellows working around the world to help connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

I haven’t yet had time to write a full post on what exactly Kiva is and does. Here’s how Kiva describes their work:

What is is a non-profit that’s revolutionizing the fight against global poverty by enabling people like you to make small loans to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world.

These loans provide affordable working capital — money to buy sewing machines, livestock, etc. — thus empowering the poor to earn their way out of poverty.

To learn more about Kiva, click here.

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